Do you have a lot of questions about tandem paragliding but don't have the answers?
Here are the most frequently asked questions and the answers that may help you!

We fly all year round in good wind and weather conditions. We start our flights in the morning at 8.30 am until late afternoon, depending on the season, until 4-4.40 pm in winter and until 5.30 pm in summer.

The flight area is chosen by the pilot on the basis of the type of flight, wind and weather conditions and the passenger's body weight, and depends primarily on the safety aspects. If possible, we are happy to satisfy the wishes of the passengers.

You can book a tandem flight several days/months in advance via the provisional online booking tool. But we are also happy to receive spontaneous bookings at short notice via Whatsapp or phone +393921286600. It is also possible to book on the day of the flight by Whatsapp +39 3921286600 or by phone if there are still places available. Otherwise it is best to get in touch with us at least 2 to 3 days before the desired date.

We check the weather and wind forecast daily and keep our customers informed about this. It may be that cloudy weather prevails on the day of the flight. However, this does not mean that the flying conditions are unsafe. Even when it is cloudy, the flying experience can be unique and great! The pilots check the flight conditions before each flight and cancel the flight in case of doubt. The flight can then be postponed to another day.

You can cancel your booking up to 12 hours before the flight if you have a valid reason. We give our time and commitment to your flight and booking and also demand fairness and loyalty from you to honour your booking. We kindly ask you to arrive at the meeting point on time. Be aware of heavy traffic, especially in high season. Always depart early to be on time.

We fly with children from the age of 4. We have a special equipment for tandem flights with children. The maximum age depends on the physical condition of the passenger and the wind at the launch site. The passenger must be in good physical condition and be able to run and accelerate at least 10-15 metres at take-off. We have already flown with passengers over 90 years old. For very light and young passengers, please indicate weight and age when booking.

The minimum weight of the passenger is 20 kg. We have a special equipment for tandem flights with very light passengers. The maximum weight of the passenger is 100-110 kg, depending on wind strength on take-off and physical condition. For heavier passengers and for very light ones please indicate weight when booking.

Thermals are warm, rising air in the form of bubbles and tubes. We exploit these updrafts to gain altitude and increase our flight time. When flying thermals, you can circle like a bird in the updraft and seemingly climb weightlessly in the updraft. The thermal flight is not suitable for passengers suffering from seasickness and nausea. On a panoramic flight we glide gently down into the valley. If thermals are available and you feel comfortable, we can "get a taste" of them. This flight is usually calmer and gentler, ideal as a first flying experience.

No, you do not need to buy it. The insurance is included in the price. Our pilots all have the legally required liability insurance for tandem flying and passenger and pilot are insured.

Normally, the passenger does not feel any fear of heights when flying, because he is comfortably secured in the seat belt and his feet are not on the ground so the passenger does not have the feeling of looking down from a precipice or stumbling down. We fly with many passengers who suffer from a fear of heights, but who successfully face this fear and land happily.

You can expect the total duration of the flight experience from 1 to 1½ hours, depending on the flight area and the type of flight.

Other questions

Our flights: Taste the Freedom Flight, Panoramic Flight, Thermal Flight and Superior Flight. The exact description of the flights with the flight areas, the duration as well as the prices can be found here: our winter and summer flights.

As your first flight, we recommend the Taste the Freedom Flight or the Panoramic Flight. Only then should you attempt the thermal flight. We only recommend the Superior Flight to passengers who have already experienced a Panoramic Flight or a Thermal Flight.

We fly in some of the most beautiful flying areas in the Dolomites: see our winter flights and summer flights.

First have a look at our website or ask for information on Whatsapp, phone or mail and we give you all the information about our flights. Then you book the flight you like best by Whatsapp (+39 3921286600), on our online booking tool, by mail or phone. We will arrange the date, the meeting point and the time and send you the location and the most important information via Whatsapp 2-3 days before the date. On the day of the flight we will meet at the valley station of the agreed flight area, togehter we go to take-off by cable car (not included in the flight price) and we will give you detailed instructions on how to take off, fly and land. Once we are ready we take off and enjoy the flight together. Before landing, we will explain in detail how the landing works. After the flight, you will receive the flight photos and videos on SD card on request (not included in the flight price).

If the tandem flight is booked in advance, several passengers can fly with several pilots at the same time and enjoy the flying experience together.

After a detailed briefing on how the take-off will proceed, we take off. You have to run and accelerate your running together with the pilot and keep going, even if we have already taken off. This means that you must not sit down before the pilot tells you to do so. You should run a few more steps in the air and only sit down when the pilot tells you.

At about 100 m above the landing field, we simulate the landing procedure. You lift your legs, sit comfortably in the seat belt and imagine landing in a seated position. We do the same for the landing: at a height of approx. 2 m, legs up and sitting comfortably on the airbag of the seat harness – really easy!

Yes, children can fly too! We fly with children from the age of 4. We have a special equipment for tandem flights with children. For very light and young passengers, please indicate weight and age when booking.

Yes, you can take your own photos during the paragliding tandem flight or use the video camera. However, the camera must be securely fastened so that it cannot fall down and injure someone. However, it should be noted that many passengers are so busy filming that they are only peripherally aware of the actual paragliding experience. So that you can fully enjoy your paragliding tandem flight, we offer our photo and video service during the flight in all our flight areas with a special camera.

The altitude depends on the type of flight, the thermal conditions, the flying area and the time of year. Most take-off sites are over 2000 m high.

You should bring a warm jacket, long trousers and walking shoes for the flight, if you want also your sunglasses. We provide helmet and gloves.

We cannot guarantee the thermal and cross-country flight, but we can guarantee the Taste the Freedom and the Panoramic Flight. The thermals are not 100% predictable, we don't have a motor and therefore cannot promise the thermal flight and cross-country flight. However, we have top pilots in our team and we always do our best. We check the thermal forecast in order to offer the passenger the best possible flight in the given weather conditions. If you have booked a Thermal Flight or Superior Flight, but the thermal conditions "only" allow a Panoramic Flight, we will of course only charge you for the Panoramic Flight.

Yes, you can order a voucher on our voucher tool and give it as a gift.

The voucher is valid for 1 year. If you are not able to use the voucher in that year, please contact us and we will extend the validity of the voucher for another year.

The voucher will be sent automatically by email immediately after the order - please check the spam mail. It is valid from the moment of payment.

As soon as you want to fly, please contact us via Whatsapp. We will organise a provisional booking and confirm the date a few days before (as soon as we have the more accurate weather forecast). We ask you to send the voucher by Whatsapp when booking and to take it with you in paper form on the flight date.

Yes, of course - most of our passengers are flying for the first time and we accompany them with professionalism and calmness to an unforgettably great flight experience. We recommend the Panorama Flight as a first flight experience.

No special physical requirements or flying skills are needed. The passenger actually only needs to be able to run and accelerate 10-15 metres at take-off. The pilot does everything else.

Yes, all passengers have some pre-flight anxiety and are excited, some more, some less and almost no one is completely relaxed before the flight. It is perfectly human to be excited and tense before a new challenge like paragliding: after all, you are entering the third dimension and doing something completely new and adrenaline-filled. After take-off, however, you will quickly calm down and relax and enjoy the incredible sensation of flying and be extremely happy to have overcome your excitement.

In this case, you must consult your medical advisor and inform us of the exact illnesses and physical deficiencies before making an appointment.

Yes, even if you are deaf, you can fly! We will instruct you visually. However, a person you trust should accompany you to the take-off.

Yes, even blind people can fly with us! We will explain to you in detail how the take-off and landing work. Blind people have an unbelievable feeling and are able to move three-dimensionally due to their very sharpened sense of imagination. However, a person you trust should accompany you to the take-off.

On a tandem paragliding flight you can fly as a passenger on the tandem paraglider and experience the world from a bird's eye view. At take-off, you only need to walk a few steps with the pilot to gently lift off. Once in the air, you can enjoy the flight as free as an eagle. When you land, you simply lift your legs and we land safely on the airbag of the harness. We accompany you in flight and offer you an unforgettable experience. No special physical requirements or flying skills are needed.

You will discover the sky from a bird's eye view, an unbelievable nature experience, freedom and pure adrenaline, float away from your comfort zone and everyday life... Just do it and you will understand what we mean and what free flying means.

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